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High-Impact use cases
B2C, B2B

Continue customer journey with every lead from social media to the landing page. Make sure they get the campaign message and are qualified to make conversion decisions. A practical way to reduce bounce rate and increase ROAS 3-5X

Turn the static email into social commerce and qualify the leads by providing curated experiences that enhances customer journey and leads to better sales and loyalty for email campaigns. 

Bridge the offline and online. Complement your print and outdoor campaigns with QR codes that invite the leads to video experiences with the right message and call-to-actions. Make the offline campaigns measurable.  

Make partnerships sales-driven and meaningful. Let influencers bring their channels audience to the website, co-browse with them, leverage and sell.

Turn hybrid events and tradeshows into sales-driven, interactive experiences for maximum engagement. Easier marketing, booking and ticket sales, increase in conversion and higher value sponsoring.

Make educational experiences that are browsable and interactive. Where users can find the video information they need in some seconds and lead them to the relevant websites and references. 

Automate demo calls and onboarding process by interactive video experiences that provide personal interactions at scale, serving each customer with their desired response, visual navigations and call-to-actions.

Explain products and services in an immersive format. Where users can explore and find relevant video information, get personalized guidance and call-to-actions.

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