Unlock the power of
User Generated Growth

Enable video shopping infrastructure for thousands of influencers

Mass infrastructure

Enable anonymous influencers bring their channels audience to your website, co-browse with them, leverage and sell.

The video shopping is only visible to the influencer audience!

Make sense of partnerships

Qualified leads with sales-driven partnerships

Clear ROI with time spent and CTR

Unified brand message on your native platform

Your influencers empowered

They can use website content and brand image to build trust

No more operating on third-party platforms where other brands and ads are dominant

They don't lose connection with their audience when leading them to the website

Grow autonomously

No workload for your marketing team

Technology Features

Serve 100K+
influencer account

No ecommerce integeration
fast onboarding

Custom organization
with your brand policies

No effect on
website load speed

Only visible
for influencer audiences


Google analytics


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