Many-to-Many video shopping discovery

Where online and offline meet


Shopping discoveries where customers can navigate through categories, watch the short videos related to each product and easily convert.

With traditional one-to-many video shopping, there are 40 min long videos, minimum audience for such timeframe and low ROI.

With many-to-many shopping discovery, there are many short videos for customers to navigate and watch the ones they need.

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Your Premium sales channel

Keep the leads in the shopping experience, reduce dropout and acquisition cost.

Suitable for the social ad, and newsletters with a larger audience and higher ROI.

Seamless and native checkout, keeping customers, data and payment on your eCommerce website.

Diverse solutions at your fingertips

Only available with our many-to-many technology

Physical store tour

Gift finding

Set finding


Influencer partnership

Became meaningful

Easy collaboration in multiple partnerships, and unlimited invite.

Each influencer has a personalized shopping event with native checkout on your eCommerce.

Sales-driven partnerships and clear analytics that skyrocket your social commerce revenue.

High initial engagement when inviting customers to
Contester shopping events
30% less bounce rate
3X more customers to leverage comparing to e-commerce site
Tailor-made video shopping that easily converts with
higher add-to-cart rate

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Video shopping discovery

A powerful sales channel that gives a better brand experience and easily converts.

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