Contester partners with Awin to enhance affiliate partnerships

Adding human connection and creative narratives to affiliate space with shoppable videos and live-streaming.
Contester is proud to announce the technology partnership with one of the biggest affiliate networks worldwide, Awin. Contester became an affiliate-enabled technology that enhances the partnerships between Awin advertisers, and publishers of different types.
We are committed to bringing innovation into Awin’s ecosystem with our dynamic video experiences platform and live streaming, bridging advertiser websites and publisher channels, and extending the publishers' lifecycle beyond the last click and discount offers.
This partnership is rooted in over one year of close collaboration with the Awin strategic partnership team which helped us tailor the platform in different ways to become compatible with the affiliate space, something beyond the technology partnership, a great relationship and support from their amazing team.
“Contester's technology brings a wave of innovation into the affiliate marketing landscape. This partnership allows Awin to offer brands and creators a unique way to incentivize engagement and boost conversions.”
Roberto Gruetzmacher Jr
Awin strategic partnerships & innovation team
Awin advertisers can now enable Contester via the Mastertag One-Click activation to unlock their website as a sandbox to a volume of chosen publishers to leverage their audience like never before. Enhancing partnerships with a noticeable performance uplift and providing an amplified shopping experience for buyers. We are proud to have clients such as Nike, and Samsung within the Awin network. We have been recognized as the Best Innovator 2023 Award winner of ThinkTank ES, and have been shortlisted as the Partnership Technology of the Year 2024 ThinkTank US.
Multiple stakeholders in the Awin network can benefit from Contester platform; Influencer publishers, marketing agencies, subnetworks, platform publishers, cashback, and traditional publishers.
If you are an Awin advertiser or agency that is managing Awin programs get in touch for a demo call Here.
We recommend you join Awin as our preferred network partner and unlock your business growth with a range of innovative services. You can start Here.
If you are an agency publisher, platform publisher, or subnetwork, you can book a demo call or stay in touch via [email protected]

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