Contester major analytics updates 

Comprehensive analytics deep into user behavior and shopper journey
Over the last 2 years, Contester has become more than a video commerce solution. Becoming an affiliate-enabled technology led Contester to become a collaborative platform where brands, agencies, publishers, and influencers can communicate, share assets, do approval processes, and manage campaigns from A to Z.
Talking to our customers it has become clear that Data is the major value we bring to the partnerships. The data generated by Contester are unique first-party data of users' behavior on the brand website that provides a comprehensive insight into the partnership performance.
Contester team is glad to announce that since February 2024, the new analytics dashboard has become available for our partners and clients. This major update gives brands a clear picture of the partnerships beyond the leads and sales numbers.
Here are a few key values that our new analytics brings to the affiliate partnerships:
If you are an advertiser or agency that is managing affiliate programs get in touch for a demo call Here.
If you are an agency publisher, platform publisher, or subnetwork, you can book a demo call or stay in touch via [email protected]

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