Conversational discovery

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Variety of solutions for marketing teams to leverage customers on everyday basis.

As easy and fast as creating a post, but interactive and engaging.

For non-tech marketing teams to unleash their creativity in interactive ways.

Drag and drop format , integrated to eCommerce and easy to master.

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Curated sales campaigns

Reach your customers on a more personal level, providing them with shopping experiences that don't overload information but ensure they find what they desire.

Gift finding

Simplify potential buyers' decisions, respond to their emotions and needs, by narrowing down the choices, and communicating the value of your products.

Higher initial engagement when inviting customers to
customer-centric experiences
30% less bounce rate
3X more customers to leverage comparing to e-commerce site
Responsive and engaging shopping experiences that easily converts with native add-to-cart

Product finder

Make it super easy for your customers to narrow down options by asking simple questions.

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